Monday, March 21, 2011

Life according to me--rainy day fashion

I am the type of person who likes to write things down. You know, hours i have worked, phone numbers i need, meetings i need to attend and wardrobe i am going to wear every week. Yes, i write down what i am going to wear the week following. Fashion is so important in my life and i will tell you why right now. Fashion, is an easy way to express yourself. You can show your daily emotion, what you look up to, what type of lifestyle you live etc...
I am the queen of all hats, meaning; i am a mother, i am a CEO (, an author and i work as a behavioral therapist for children in the autism spectrum to name a few. Granted i take on these various hats throughout the day and my wardrobe changes maybee twice regardless of what i am working on, unless there is something major going on such as a dinner or meeting. but i digress, todays blog is about my obsession for writting things down and how it was interupted with the crazy rain!
This weeks wardrobe reflects the transition of winter into spring. I have arranged various mix and match seasonal pieces that will allow me to transition with the weather. leggins,jeggins,slacks, cardigans etc.. black, pink white and blue all neatly organized each on its 4 tier hanger so that each outfit is placed together with shoes, handbags and undergarments all on a nice wardrobe rack.
Then, it rained! it poured, it blew so hard my neatly contrived "snookie" poof was lopsided and out of place! The cute leggings, and sequined tunic with over the knee boots was bo longer acceptable. i knew i must remain warm and somewhat dry so i decided to search my closet. (my real closet, not the wardrobe rack) i pushed and pulled all the way towards the back, you know, where last seasons (winter) clothing is at. I came to my colorful array of velour suits. "Yes!, that's what i'll wear." i have seen and heard alot of slack for people who wear velour suits, saying that its not fashionable, cute or flattering. I beg to differ! If you are able to accessorize, ANY outfit will be fashionable, cute and flattering!
I settle on an olive green velour suit, tan Ugg boots, tan Coach bag and gold jewlery. i have to say i am looking pretty spiffy to go see a client who will eventually, pull on my 'snooky' poof, grab at me jewlery and step on my bag! It does't matter, because it will all happen with me looking amazingly fab in my last minute rainy day outfit!

What is your last minute rainy day outfit?

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  1. I have always loved your style, even though we have known each other for a short period of time. I need to take you shopping with me so you can show me what to wear and how to wear it. I am so clueless! I love velour outfits, but don't know where to get them because I am sooo short! Maybe you can blog with photos of outfits you put together andehere to find them? Anyways, my rainy day outfit is Victoria Secret sweats, cami or tanktop, hoodie, and sneakers. Like I said, I am so cluless and need to find that fashionista within!