Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Why do you exist?"

I received an email via the contact form on the website ( that was a bit "sassy". It was from a fake email address but signed it 'MD'. I know one person with those initials and let me just say, that I am not making assumptions...just stating facts.
Anyhow, here is the email.

"i came to your website to find out what exactly royal fabulosity was and I notice that you do the same thing 20 other women do. I don't understand why you exist. You guys are all doing the same thing. Seems like a waste of time" MD

Without letting my emotions get in the way, I am going to answer this for YOU and all the other readers who might be asking similar questions.

I "exist" for one reason, to provide women with a support system that I wasn't supplied with. Because I believe that we are all beautiful, smart, amazing and full of potential that has yet to be met. I am NOT like everyone else, not even like the other "20" women who you are grouping me with. To be honest, I have done my research and there is not ONE other person in the united states or Mexico who does what I do or what Royal Fabulosity does. Hence; the reason we are currently going through the trademark process. RF, is a unique company that encompasses fashion, self help, celebrity, clinicians, therapists and affiliate companies all aimed at women. Notice, I did not say plus size women or thin women or broken women! We are here to support ALL women in any way possible. We are a company that es above and beyond to meet everyones expectation. RF and its staff will ensure that no one leaves with questions or any yearning.
Aside from this we are readily accessible. We are reachable via phone, email, text, fb.twitter and in person consultations at ANY time during the year! We are not only available to you when an event is coming up. We build relationships with all staff from volunteers, models, presenters, vendors designers etc...
We get get as much from every event we do that an attendee or sponsor/vendor does.
Therefore; I am not part of a trend. I am not doing the same thing as the rest. I am not your typical individual.
I am a leader. a teacher. A friend. An assistant. A referral source. A long term friend you can reach out to.
Any questions?